Vision & Mission

An  Excellent Healthy South

Provision of an optimum Health Services to people maintaining a good management by facilitating and guiding of all Health Institutes and staff in southern province with productive contribution of all stakeholders while ensuring continuous and sustainable development.

To achieve the best possible health status in the Southern province through prevention of risk factors and diseases and by providing a quality patient management with empowered and satisfied workforce and recipients.

  • To co-ordinate and cooperate with all central and provincial administrative bodies in health and health related activities.
  • To utilize available resources optimally to render a quality patient care service.
  • To deliver preventive and promotive health care services to reduce risk factors and diseases
  • To establish and maintain rehabilitation services to sustain and improve productivity of the Southern province
  • To identify priority needs and implement interventions accordingly for a better health status in the Southern province

In the way towards achieving our goals and objectives we, as a team under the leadership of provincial director of health services are empowered and strengthened with the following qualities. Members of our team are dedicated, united and blessed towards the success.

ComplianceTo organizational regulations and norms to ensure that detailed department objectives are cascaded throughout the organization.
ConformityTo preserve the organization's tradition and culture.
CollectivismThat focuses on the importance of the group rather than self.
EqualityA belief that everyone brings value, talent, skill and resources to the organization, no matter what their job functions.
IndividualismBy having in our senior management structure a collection of individuals striving to do the best themselves as well for their organization. We emphasize individual initiative and achievements will reward people who show these characteristics.
AuthorityBy having hierarchical system of management where the leader takes charge and organization structure and accountability are unambiguously enforced.
EmpowermentBy possessing an open system of management where there is a readiness to listen to others ideas.
IndependenceBy encouraging a working environment where individuals are allowed to work with high levels of freedom and autonomy. Creativity and curiosity are encouraged but within a frame work of PDHS office targets and objectives.