Special Units

  • Provincial Training Centre

Initially this institution was established in an old building located at Peddler Street, in the ancient Galle Fort in February 1968. At the beginning this unit provided services to the trainee public health midwives but later the services were widened for the training activities of Public Health Inspectors & Dispensers as well .This centre initially was under the line ministry of health, but later on, with the establishment of provincial council, it was renamed as Provincial health training centre of the Southern Province. In 2008 it was shifted to a rented building located at Pettigalawatta. Since 2013 training centre has been operating at the 3rd floor of the new building constructed for the office of the RDHS Galle at Unawatuna.

  1. Conduct preliminarily training for PHMs’,PHIs’ and dispensers
  2. Conduct in-service training programmes for specially public health staff
  3.  Conduct computer skill programmes for the Doctors,Nursers,etc,
  • Bio Medical & Civil Engineering unit

Bio medical engineering unit of the Southern Province is well integrated with the health care system of the Southern Province. Management of Bio Medical equipment is one of the key functions of the Bio medical engineering unit of the Southern Province which was established in 20th April 2005. It has been developed to execute the repairing and extending the technical guidance in to purchasing of bio medical instruments and it functions as a separate unit under the purview of PDHS.

  1. Repair of medical, surgical and other equipment in the health institutions
  2. Provision of reports on equipment and other items to be condemned
  3. Provision of technical guidance on purchasing of new equipment to health institution
  • Dental units

Oral health care is provided by both public and private health sectors. Dental services of the province have been rendered its services integrated with the following objectives.

  1. Increase awareness of the importance of oral health for overall heal and well-being
  2. Increase acceptance and adoption of effective preventive interventions.
  3. Reduce disparities in access to effective preventive and dental
  • Treatment services.

Public health sector imparts not only curative but preventive care too and several types of institutions have been established in the province to render the dental care services. Hospital Dental Clinics, School Dental Clinics, Adolescent Dental Clinics and mobile dental clinics have got together to provide oral health care for the people of the province. Regional Dental Surgeons, Hospital dental surgeons and Supervisory School Dental Therapists, School Dental Therapists are the key human resources available in the province for the dental services.

  1. School Dental clinics
  2. Hospital Dental clinics
  3. Adolescent Dental clinics