Planning, Administration & Financial Management

General administration is one of the key components which that is committed to maintain an environment that supports and encourages the effective and efficient good governance of the department. The Provincial Director of Health Services is the head of this department. There are three decentralized units; regional Director of Health Services offices in Galle, Matara and Hambantota focusing on general administration including financial management, human resource management, handling all establishment issues and facilitating the preventive and curative health care services.

  • Administration & Establishment
  1. Human resource management
  2. Recruitment
  3. Confirmation of the appointments
  • Transfers

  1. Granting Increments
  2. Registration of private health institutions under the private health regulatory commission
  3. Preparation of annual training plan
  4. Vehicle and transport management
  5. Approval of foreign leave
  6. Handling general complains
  7. Activities relevant to the constructions and maintenance of buildings
  8. Forwarding  loan applications
  9. Activities relevant to the medical boards
  10. Activities relevant to the inquiries and disciplinary actions
  • Financial Management
  1. Conducting board of surveys
  2. Management of stores
  3. Preparation of monthly account summaries
  4. Procurement of medical equipment and general items
  5. Preparation and payment of monthly salaries
  6. Payment of recurrent and capital expenditure
  7. Preparation of bank reconciliation reports
  8. Preparation of annual budget estimates
  9. Conducting  audit committee meetings
  10. Preparing appropriation  accounts
  11. Granting loans from advance account
  • Planning Units
  1. Preparation, monitoring and evaluation of development plans
  2. Analysis and dissemination of data
  3. Preparation of Annual Health Bulletin
  4. Monitoring of Human resources availability and Human Resource   forecasting
  5. Making new cadre approvals
  6. Attending to the urgent needs of the health care institutions
  7. Identify the training needs
  8. Monitoring the special construction projects
  9. Coordinate with other planning units(  MOH and Chief Secretary)

Identification and coordination of  equipment need of the hospitals