Curative Health Care Services

Curative Health care services of the province provide inward, out ward health services to people with diseases or illnesses to get cured, to enhance recovery, to prevent premature deaths and disability, to minimize suffering and thereby to improve wellbeing of people in Southern province. Curative care services of the province are catered by a network of 123 institutions and four of them are under the purview of the Ministry of Health of the Central government while all the other institutions are under the provincial administration.

 Primary Care Services

Primary care refers to as first point of consultation for patients with in the health care system. Depending on the nature of the health condition, patients may be referred to secondary or tertiary level of care. Primary care services to the people of the Southern province are delivered through 49 Divisional Hospitals and 62 Primary Medical Care Units. Outdoor patient as well as indoor patient care is delivered by the Divisional hospitals. Treatment of minor illnesses, referral to secondary and tertiary care units for further treatments, provision of dental care and follow up of patients back referred from secondary or tertiary institutions are the main functions of the divisional hospitals.

  • Divisional Hospitals
  • Divisional Hospital type A
  • Divisional hospital type  B
  • Divisional hospital type  C
  • Primary Medical Care Institutions (PMCU)

Secondary Care Services

Secondary care services include outpatient, inpatient, clinic, laboratory & judicial medical services provided as specialized care. This is accomplished through two District General Hospitals and eight Base Hospitals.Two District General Hospitals (DGH) namely Matara DGH and Hambantota DGH come under the administrative purview of the line ministry of Health. Base hospitals are under the purview of the provincial administration.

There are eight base hospitals are under the purview of provincial administration namely Base Hospital Balapitiya, Elpitiya & Udugama in Galle district, Kamburupitiya & Deniyaya in Matara district and Tissamaharama, Walasmulla &Tangalle in Hamabantota district. Some are developed into filly-functioning secondary care units and some need further improvement. BH Balapitiya, Elpitiya & Tangalle are type A base hospitals providing specialized services on medicine, surgery, Gynaecology &Obstetrics. Furthermore, BH Balapitiya & Elpitiya provide specialized eye care services as well.

Tertiary  Care Services

Teaching Hospitals Karapitiya and Mahamodara are the Tertiary Care Institutions of the Southern province. The Teaching Hospital Karapitiya (THK) is the largest curative care service provider of the Southern province that was established in 1982 the vision to provide health care services of the highest quality and safely meeting the expectations of the people Karapitiya teaching hospital is sophisticated with wide range of specialized consultative services. It was established in 1640.It is one of the biggest and oldest maternity hospitals in Sri Lanka. As the only maternity/teaching hospital in Southern province, it provides maternal care, neonatal care and training for medical students, student nurses, student mid-wives and doctors who engaged in their postgraduate studies on obstetrics, gynaecology, and neonatology and sub fertility.