About Us

Southern Provincial Health Department was born in 1989 with the Implementation of Provincial Act, Decentralizing the the Health Services into Nine Provincial Health Departments. Southern Provincial Health Department is under the Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probation and Social Welfare and Child care Services.

The Southern Provincial Health Department is responsible for the delivering of effective and efficient Healthcare services in to the ground level by making policies, guidelines and the Effective management of human resources within the Province.

The Provincial Director of Health Services is the Head of the Department and There are 3 Regional Directors of Health Services (RDHS) for the Province with each covering Galle, Matara & Hambantota Districts.

Historical Development

In 1980 with the introduction of the 13 amendment to the constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka system of provincial council was established. Department of health of the Southern provincial council was set up the same year under the Southern provincial council. Administrative and Financial management is the responsibility of the provincial councils while policy making is still vested with the central government.

At the initial stage, the department of health services was accommodated at the district secretariat office of Galle with only a few staff members carrying out limited activities.

In 1990 the office was shifted to a section of the E-Coates building where the Filaria control unit was housed. Subsequently office was shifted on a temporary basis to the building complex of the teaching hospital at Mahamodara.

With the passage of time, the provincial council system got better established and activities of the department widened and the staff was increased in numbers. The present building where the provincial health department is now located was built and opened on 18th of June 1996.

Following provincial director steered the provincial health services of the Southern province. At present Dr. G. Wijesuriya is leading the team efficiently and effectively towards its goal.

Directors of Health Services

Name of the PDHSPeriod
Mr. Paul SoysaFrom 01.05.1989 to 26.08.1989
Dr. Loyed WijemanneFrom 27.08.1989 to 03.09.1992
Mr.D.G. PunchihewaFrom 04.09.1992 to 21.10.1993
Dr.(Mrs.) D.S. de SilvaFrom 22.10.1993 to 16.03.1998
Dr. J.B. Senarath (Acting)From 17.03.1998 to 31.01.1999
Dr.S.W.PathinayakeFrom 01.02.1999 to 30.06.2006
Dr.J.B.SenerathFrom 01.07.2006 to 16.11.2010
Dr.Hemachandra EdirimanneFrom 17.11.2010 to 13.02.2015
Dr. G. WijesuriyaFrom 02.10.2015 to date